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NEW! Cord Tissue Banking

In addition to banking cord blood, Insception Lifebank now offers the service of processing and storing a segment of your baby’s umbilical cord, commonly referred to as cord tissue. Cord tissue is a rich source of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), which are distinct from the blood stem cells found in your baby’s cord blood.

For more information visit our Cord Tissue Page.


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The Miracle of Cord Blood


With the birth of a child, comes dreams of unlimited possibilities and a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment ahead. Security to protect against the unforeseen and unexpected is the gift of life, unlocked through the miracle of cord blood stem cell storage. Helping parents realize those dreams is the passion and commitment of Insception Lifebank.

 AABB Certificate
 AABB Certificate
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1. Quality

Insception Lifebank offers expectant parents a professionally acknowledged quality service. Along with being the first to achieve the AABB accreditation, Insception Lifebank is the first family cord blood bank in Canada to receive the industry's highest accreditation, FACT.

But what does this mean to your family?

As a proven quality systems organization, informed parents are provided with the knowledge that their child’s stem cells are processed and stored by a technically experienced, professional, and responsible organization. All Insception Lifebank laboratory technologists are fully qualified and experienced in cord blood processing. This will also give families confidence that Insception Lifebank will pursue the latest and best technologies and accreditations to ensure that we maintain a quality service you can trust.

2. Sound Scientific Background

 Insception Lifebank’s Medical Director is a licensed practicing hematologist and qualified by training and experience to provide medical and scientific leadership to our Insception Lifebank staff of professionals. The Medical Director is responsible for all medical aspects of the Insception Lifebank facility that are related to the quality and safety of the cellular therapy products and services.

 Medical and Scientific Advisors: Insception Lifebank has assembled a world-class team of Medical and Scientific Advisors. The purpose of this team is to advise and assist Insception Lifebank on operational activities such as the prediction and maintenance of industry standards, research programs, advanced therapeutics, stem cell applications, and cryogenics. This level of professional expertise provides Insception Lifebank the continued support to meet the needs of our families today and into tomorrow.

Registered Nurses to provide the most up to date and accurate information for families and medical staff.

Fully qualified Laboratory technologist ensures the cord blood units are processed with the utmost efficiency and quality.

3. The best customer care

 Customer Service Representatives and Registered Nurses are always available to answer any questions or concerns. They are available via live chat (available at, phone or appointments for in-person information session.

Representatives throughout Canada: Insception Lifebank has representatives supporting most major cities in Canada. Our representatives have been a tremendous resource and help for our families. The families registering with Insception Lifebank have let us know how the Insception Lifebank reps have gone above and beyond to assist them through the process. Note IconRead their stories


Speed of service: Insception Lifebank works to make the process of cord blood banking easier for your family. We have developed efficient systems to make registration and receipt of your collection kit as convenient as possible.

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From the Heart

Happy Family

There are no greater advocates of Insception Lifebank, and the service we provide, than the parents who have used us and trusted us with their babys’ cord blood stem cell storage. Below are some of the letters we’ve received from our parents and others, expressing their appreciation and satisfaction. We encourage you to read through these letters as you consider making a cord blood storage plan for your baby.

Note Icon  You made our midwife’s life so easy!
Note Icon  It’s reassuring.
Note Icon  How could we not give our children every chance?
Note Icon  What a precious gift.
Note Icon  Keep up the good work.

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You made our midwife’s life so easy!

We were very glad that we chose Lifebank to store our baby’s umbilical cord blood. And were further proud of our decision when our midwife expressed how impressed she was with the collection kit -- apparently she found the contents of the kit anticipated her work and made her job easier. Her thoughts re-inforced our experience; that we are dealing with a quality, service oriented company. It gives us peace of mind knowing that our future rests in good care.

Elizabeth of Toronto

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It’s reassuring.

We are pleased to have found Lifebank prior to the birth of our first daughter. Although we hope that we never have to use the stored cord blood, it is reassuring to know that this option is available should the need arise. Congratulations on providing a much needed service.

Joanne of Calgary

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How could we not give our children every chance?

I was pleased with the immediate response and service that I received...How could we not give our children every chance for the best life?

Stephanie of Newfoundland

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What a precious gift.

Each year we are reminded what a precious gift that we were allowed to give our children. We thank you with all our hearts.

Sandra of Langley

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Keep up the good work.

Keep up the good work and although we are glad we saved his cord blood, here’s hoping and praying that we will never require it!

Neeroo of Calgary



Thank you for choosing to partner with Canada’s largest and most experienced Cord Blood Program. We are proud to announce that Lifebank Corporation joined Insception Cord Blood Program in 2012. Our combined organization provides greater scale service and convenience for families across Canada seeking safe and secure storage for their cord blood units.